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The Triple Helix Forum Podcast

In 2009, the Triple Helix Forum podcast was launched, the first of its kind among all international Triple Helix chapters. It serves as an additional avenue for students to explore the intersection of science and society. The podcast features student interviews with Arizona State University professors whose research or interests involve science, technology, and society.

Our podcast team is working closely with Charles Kazilek, the Director of Technology Integration & Outreach in the School of Life Sciences and creator of the Ask-a-Biologist podcast, and the podcast is recorded in the School of Life Sciences' Grass Roots Studio.

Episode 4: Western Medicine vs. TCAM

Guests: Lauren Imbornoni and Josh Niska

In the United States and in most of Europe, when we think health, we think doctors--white-coated, extensively trained M.D.s.--but up to 80% of the world´s population practices medicine very differently. What are some of the characteristics of these alternative frameworks for understanding health and illness? Can multiple frameworks coexist in peace? Graduating seniors Lauren Imbornoni and Josh Niska, both future physicians, join host Ellen Dupont to discuss the tensions between Western medicine and Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine.

Listen to this episode. (14.4 MB; Length: 15:37)

Episode 3, Part II: Technology and Society

Guest: Jameson Wetmore

In the second of a two-part series with ASU professor Jameson Wetmore, he and host Ellen DuPont cover the intersection of religion and nanotechnology, the technological ethics of GM foods in Africa, and how to keep control over your iPhone, instead of the other way around.

Listen to this episode. (7.1 MB; Length: 15:24)

Episode 3, Part I: Technology and Society

Guest: Jameson Wetmore

What do the Amish have to teach us about the human-technology relationship? Have you ever felt the temptation to text message in class or wondered how much power you have over your technology – or vice versa? Join host Ellen DuPont for part one of a two part series with ASU professor Jameson Wetmore as they discuss Amish views of technology, the ways that technology and society interact, and what that means for policymakers, engineers, and the everyday technology user.

Listen to this episode. (7.2 MB; Length: 15.36)

Episode 2: Popular Perceptions of Genetics

Guests: Amanda Waddell and Ellen Dupont

As our knowledge of the human genome and our ability to intervene with it increase, the fields of genetics and genomics are becoming ever more important. ASU students Amanda Waddell and Ellen Dupont join host David Edwards to discuss the ethics of genetic engineering and issues surrounding media coverage of genetic science.

Listen to this episode. (6.3 MB; Length: 13:36)

Episode 1: Transhumanism and Sustainability

Guest: Brad Allenby

How do we define being human? What are the implications of the increasingly sophisticated technologies that are “beginning to make the human a design space”? Drawing on his diverse and transdisciplinary experience, ASU professor Brad Allenby joins host David Edwards to explore the ethical, legal, and environmental implications of an increasingly technological world, with a focus on two emerging movements: transhumanism and sustainability.

Listen to this episode. (12.8 MB; Length: 13:54)